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  • Keeping watch on nuclear weapons Keeping watch on nuclear weapons Dr. Bethany Goldblum discusses the NPWG.
  • Naval Nuclear Propulsion: Assessing Benefits and Risks Naval Nuclear Propulsion: Assessing Benefits and Risks Dr. Bethany Goldblum, NPWG Director, was a member of the FAS Naval Nuclear Task Force.
  • Arms Control Wonk Podcast Arms Control Wonk Podcast Dr. Bethany Goldblum, NPWG Director, is featured in the February 17, 2015 issue.
  • PolicyMatters Journal PolicyMatters Journal Erika Suzuki, NPWG Deputy Director, is interviewed by Julie Stabile.
  • The Daily Californian The Daily Californian “When planning the event, we found out that a lot of people don’t know what ethics means,” said Bethany Goldblum, director of the Nuclear Policy Working Group, in an interview before the panel.
  • Nuclear Threat Initiative Nuclear Threat Initiative Speakers include Frank Settle, developer of the ALSOS digital nuclear issues library; Alex Wellerstein, the creator of NUKEMAP and associate historian at the American Institute of Physics' Center for History of Physics; and Bethany Goldblum, founder of the University of California Berkeley Nuclear Policy Working Group.
  • Nuclear Literacy Project Nuclear Literacy Project Thankfully Dr. Bethany Goldblum and her team (including the amazing and enthusiastic Assistant Program Director Erika Suzuki) have launched a Nuclear Policy Working Group, which “bridges the technical and social science fields to address contemporary issues in nuclear security policy through a multidisciplinary lens.”
  • Federation of American Scientists Federation of American Scientists "President's Message" By: Charles Ferguson... Erika Suzuki, who leads UC Berkeley’s Nuclear Policy Working Group, has joined with Dr. Bethany Goldblum, a younger faculty member, and Dr. Jasmina Vujic, a senior faculty member who has mentored dozens of Ph.D. and M.S. degree students. They describe a new model for educating students about nuclear technology and security policy. Their goals are to develop and sustain “an enduring nuclear security workforce,” to build bridges among “professionals from technical and social science fields,” and “to generate original policy recommendations and technical working papers.” They want to extend their work to many universities and educational institutions. For PIR readers who are educators in the nuclear security and policy field, we encourage you to contact Erika and her co-authors to find out how you can help advance this important new project.
  • The Scientific American The Scientific American Bethany Goldblum, a nuclear engineer at the University of California at Berkeley, talks about the Nuclear Policy Working Group, which brings together scholars from diverse fields to brainstorm about nuclear threats.

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