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    NPWG Meeting 9/27: Guest Speaker Decker Eveleth

    5:30 pm

    The People's Republic of China is currently undertaking an unprecedented expansion of their nuclear forces, dramatically expanding the number of intercontinental and intermediate-range ballistic missiles they have available. The discovery of 250 missile silos in Northern China has led to calls for a change in how we approach security in East Asia at the strategic level. How the United States should respond to these developments is currently a matter of intense debate, fueled partly by disagreement with what PRC nuclear strategy actually looks like and what the PRC's end goals for this program are. This talk will examine what we know about China's rapid nuclear expansion, what we don't know, and how the United States might respond to increasing regional and global military tensions with China. We will cover the history of the PRC's nuclear program, the prevailing interpretations of their strategy, recent changes to their order of battle, and what the future of arms control and nonproliferation with China might look like.

    Decker Eveleth is a freelance open-source intelligence analyst and an incoming master's student at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. His work on tracking ballistic missiles has been featured in the Washington Post and The Economist magazine.

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