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    NPWG Meeting 11/8: Guest Speaker Dr. Brandon Williams

    5:30 pm

    Join us for a guest lecture given by Dr. Brandon Williams focused on cyberoperations!

    Cybersecurity Cooperation, Moving Beyond Nuclear Escalation Logic for Cybersecurity, & a Cyber Arms Control Lesson from (re)Learning How to Fear the Bomb: During the talk, Dr. Williams will address cyber defense and resilience cooperation among allies and partners, zooming in on how the US can cooperate with NATO and novel security arrangements such as AUKUS or the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue partners. He will offer his opinion on why he believes the thinking about nuclear escalation does not apply to cybersecurity. He will also reflect on how he recently learned to fear the bomb anew—assuming he understood nuclear weapons after over a decade earning a Cold War history PhD. He’ll explain why he believes it is the utmost importance that the US and allies apply pressure to convince all nuclear-weapon states to agree to arms control on cyber probing, mapping, and targeting of NC3 systems.

    Brandon will be speaking in his personal capacity and not as an employee of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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