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  • Mon

    NPWG Meeting 10/3: Guest Speaker Dr. Erik Brubaker

    5:40 pm

    This week we will be hosting Dr. Erik Brubaker, who will be speaking to us on an overview of arms control verification technologies, past and future!  See below for a bio and abstract.

    Nuclear Arms Control Verification Technology: Past, Present, Future
    Nuclear arms control treaties are negotiated with carefully considered verification measures that, ideally, permit each party to maintain confidence in the other’s compliance, while protecting sensitive information on both sides. Past cooperative verification regimes have used relatively simple approaches, but future treaties may include limits that require verification at the individual warhead level, creating the need for a new generation of technologies and procedures. This presentation will summarize historical verification approaches, discuss the particular constraints on technologies and tools used for nuclear arms control treaty verification, and conclude with a survey of recent and upcoming R&D directions for verification technologies.

    Brubaker is a physicist in the radiation/nuclear detection systems group at Sandia National Labs in Livermore, California. His work focuses on radiation detector development for nuclear non-proliferation applications, with an emphasis on fission-energy neutron detection and imaging. He has led projects to develop high-efficiency double scatter neutron imaging, time-encoded imaging techniques, fast neutron coded aperture imaging, as well as investigations of He-3 alternative thermal neutron detection methods.  He has experience in data reduction and analysis, calibration techniques, and image reconstruction methods, as well as a particular interest in approaches to nuclear arms control treaty verification. Before joining Sandia in 2008, Brubaker began his career in experimental particle physics. He has a BA in physics from Lawrence University (Appleton, WI) and a Ph.D. in particle physics from UC Berkeley.

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