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  • Tue

    Nuclear Science for Future Policymakers

    9:00 am - 5:00 pm2150 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 230

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    Are you majoring in Political Science, Public Policy, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Economy, or another social science or humanities major?

    Are you interested in learning more about basic nuclear science, including radiation, nuclear reactors, weapons design, and how to read and understand scientific data?

    Are you interested in a career in nuclear security policy?

    Enroll in the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium’s Nuclear Science for Future Policymakers workshop to learn the fundamentals of nuclear science!

    The workshop features an overview of basic concepts in nuclear science and security that policymakers and social scientists should understand in order to make informed decisions about nuclear energy and weapons policy. Content is intended for social science students at the undergraduate and graduate level. This workshop will further prepare students to engage in the Nuclear Security: The Nexus Between Policy and Technology course, jointly offered in Spring 2015 through the Goldman School of Public Policy and the Department of Nuclear Engineering at UC Berkeley.

    Topics to be covered include radiation and radioactivity, interpreting scientific data, basic nuclear weapons design, and an overview of the nuclear fuel cycle.


    Register by December 19, 2014.

    Priority will be given to those enrolled in the Nuclear Security Course (NE285/PP285), NSSC students, MIIS students, and NPWG members.

    Enroll in the Spring 2015 Nuclear Security Course:

    This workshop provides an introduction to the basic principles of nuclear science that will be covered in the Spring 2015 “Nuclear Security: The Nexus Between Policy and Technology” course. The course is jointly offered through the Department of Nuclear Engineering at UC Berkeley and the Goldman School of Public Policy.

    Mondays 5-8pm | 105 GSPP | Prof. Michael Nacht and Stanley Prussin

    Nuclear Engineering 285: 64093

    Public Policy 285: 77373

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