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  • Thu

    Meet the Experts! - Mehdi Sarram - "Iranian Nuclear Program and Nuclear Negotiation Between P5 + 1

    3:00 pm2150 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 230

    Meet Dr. Sarram before his seminar at a student networking session from 2-3pm in the NSSC Suite!


    Dr. Sarram is the President of Energy Security Consulting Group, LLC. He has over 46 years experience managing multidiscipline technical groups, and recently retired from AREVA NP, Inc. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan in nuclear engineering, 1967. The scope of his experience covers US NRC licensed, and DOE nuclear facilities. He has worked with the NRC on licensing issues since its establishment in 1975. His extensive experience includes a three-year assignment with the Nuclear Energy Institute as a Senior Project Manager interfacing with the NRC and nuclear industry. He was the supervisor of the 5 MW research reactor and an assistant professor at University of Tehran. He was a nuclear safeguards inspector and former staff member at the IAEA Department of Safeguards. Director Safeguards, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran from 1974-1979. In 1981 when went to Vienna, Austria to work for IAEA. He has traveled to 38 countries mostly with nuclear programs. He has made numerous presentations on Middle East nuclear conflicts at local universities and has over 30 scientific publications.



    Presentation on Iran nuclear program and nuclear negotiation between Iran and P5+1

    Iran’s nuclear program from 1955 to the present time will be discussed in two parts, 1955 to 1979 under the Shah and from 1979 under the new regime. The major shift in Iranian government policy on nuclear program started in mid 1980s, the restart of the nuclear program. Iran’s uranium enrichment program with assistance from A Q Khan of Pakistan and the heavy water reactor project will be discussed. Since 2006, six UN Security Council resolutions on sanctions on Iran have been passed as well as numerous sanctions by the EU and the US. Iran has essentially being kept in isolation because the world power, in particular the US believed that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Opposing views on the UNSC sanctions will be presented. In November 2013, Iran and P5+1 agreed on a 6 months temporary deal regarding Iran’s nuclearprogram. This is significant because it comes after 35 years of animosity between the US and Iran. Significant progress was achieved by the due date of July 20 dead line. The agreement was extended by four months. The implementation of commitments by P5+1 and Iran in this six month period will be discussed. This presentation will also include: was Iran developing nuclear weapons as claimed by the West?; Are Iran’s enrichment facilities in compliance with the IAEA-NPT requirements?; Misinformation and lies on all sides; role of the IAEA; role of the US think tanks and media; the numerous sanctions by the UNSC, the US and EU on Iran since 2006; what are the pending issues between Iran and P5+1 and can they be resolved by November 20, 2014?; what can be expected in the five years?

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