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  • Sat

    2013 Nuclear Security Expert Panel Event

    7:00 pm - 9:00 pmGoldman School of Public Policy, 150

    The Nuclear Policy Working Group at UC Berkeley presented a panel discussion by nuclear forensics technical experts and policymakers on the role of nuclear forensics in nuclear security policy. Research efforts in nuclear security international policy to develop comprehensive legislation supporting an international nuclear forensics capability will be highlighted. Prof. Jasmina Vujic, principal investigator for a $25 million award to lead the multi-institution Nuclear Science and Security Consortium (NSSC), chaired the panel discussion.

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    Distinguished panelists include:

    • Dr. Jay Davis – President of the Hertz Foundation, former Director at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and co-author of the Joint AAAS/APS Report on Nuclear Forensics: Role, State of the Art, and Program Needs
    • Dr. Ian Hutcheon – Physicist in the Chemical Sciences Division, Deputy Director for the Glenn T. Seaborg Institute, Capability Leader for Chemical & Isotopic Signatures at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and co-author of the “Nuclear Forensic Analysis” text
    • Prof. Raymond Jeanloz – Professor of Astronomy 
and Professor of Earth and Planetary Science in the Department of Astronomy at UC Berkeley
    • Prof. Michael Nacht – Professor of Public Policy and former Aaron Wildavsky Dean at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley
    • Prof. Stanley Prussin – Professor in the Graduate School in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at UC Berkeley and author of the book, “Nuclear Physics for Applications”

    This was a campus-wide panel discussion open to the general public.

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    This event was supported through a grant awarded by the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation through the NSSC via the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration and cosponsored by the Berkeley Nuclear Research Center.

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